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How Do You Know If You Need An Extraction?

Your dentist may recommend extracting a tooth if:
  • The tooth is too damaged by a fracture or deep cavity to repair
  • The tooth has a sizable infection that cannot be fixed with a root canal alone
  • You have teeth that are blocking other teeth from coming in
  • You are getting braces and need to get rid of a tooth that is crowding others
Wisdom teeth (which typically come in during your teens or twenties), might need to be extracted if they are decayed, infected, or causing pain. They may get impacted (stuck underneath another tooth) which also requires extractions.

Types Of Extractions

Most visible teeth can be removed with a simple extraction, where your dentist loosens the tooth. Then removes it carefully with forceps. This procedure typically requires just a local anesthetic (an injection).

A surgical extraction may be needed if:

  • The tooth has broken off at the gum line
  • The tooth hasn’t come in yet (wisdom teeth, for example)
  • The tooth has especially large or curved roots

During a surgical extraction, a local anesthetic may be provided if needed.

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