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7 Ways Dental Fillings Can Improve Your Life

“Tooth filling costs a lot.” This is probably your reason you’re leaving your decayed tooth untreated.

Or maybe you have dentophobia (fear of dentists).

Whatever your reason is, we’re telling you now that leaving your dental needs unmet is a very bad idea. Yes, tooth filling cost may be relatively high. But letting the cavities linger for a prolonged period won’t save you bucks either.

In fact, it could be more costly.

Also, the benefits of dental fillings outcompetes the cost and your fear.

Why You Should Ignore Tooth Filling Cost

1. Dental fillings save your teeth

One of the main reasons your dentist will recommend tooth filling is to save your decaying tooth caused by bacteria. A tooth decay, or what we also call cavities, is a structural damage to our tooth, which can cause further damage to our teeth if not dealt with immediately.


The bacteria in the decayed tooth will be eating the rest of the tooth and the neighboring ones. Think of it as rust eating away iron. If the rust is not removed at the outset, it can severely damage the metal.

The same is true for our teeth.

If dental filling is not carried out early on, your teeth may be so damaged that the dentist will recommend tooth extraction or root canal treatment. This means you will go about with a missing tooth. Unless, of course, you use dentures or any other artificial choppers.

Although dentures are also good options, they just don’t feel the same as your natural teeth, albeit artificially filled. There’s also that fear of your dentures coming off while you’re having fun in public. 

Nobody likes cocktail a la dentures.

This is why tooth filling is necessary. It can save your teeth from further decay, infection, and eventually hassle.

Also, the tooth filling cost is way lower than other treatments available, which brings us to the next point.

2. Dental fillings (actually) save you money

Tooth filling cost is way lower than that of extraction and root canal treatment. The tooth filling cost in Texas ranges from $50 to $4,500 per tooth, depending on the tooth filling material you choose (e.g. amalgam, silver, gold, etc.). 

Tooth extraction, on the other hand, can cost at least $75 per tooth and about $640 at most. It depends whether you’re having surgical extraction or not.

Lastly, the most affordable root canal treatment is around $120. That’s a lot of pizzas!

While Medicaid dentists are there (if you have Medicaid), the insurance may not cover the entire procedure.

Anyway, the point is, tooth filling cost is still the cheapest of the three options. Hence, if you leave your cavities untreated, you may have to go for the more expensive options.

3. Dental fillings save you from embarrassment

As mentioned earlier, tooth decay is caused by bacteria. 

Do you know what else is caused by bacteria? 

Bad breath.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, “bad breath is typically caused by bacteria present on the teeth…” 

Although it’s not only the bacteria in teeth that are the culprit, they surely contribute a lot to this embarrassing condition.

Hence, if you get rid of these bacteria via dental fillings, then you can socialize all you want without having to worry about killing your friends with halitosis. If the teeth are the only problem, that is.

4. Dental fillings give you confidence

Having fresh breath is not the only reason you can gain confidence from dental fillings. 

You see, dental fillings are not just for decayed teeth but also for cracked ones. A chipped front tooth does not give as much confidence as a whole tooth, does it?

Hence, no matter the tooth filling cost, you should grab hold of it so you can smile with confidence.

However, dental filling is not the only answer to a broken tooth. 

If the damage is large, your dentist may recommend dental crown, dental veneers, or root canal therapy. 

These three need to be discussed in a completely different article, but in a nutshell, we’ll cover them briefly here.

According to WebMD, a large break in a tooth calls for a dental cap or crown. This is necessary to improve the appearance of the tooth and prevent it from getting decayed further. 

A dental veneer is the option if it’s one of the front teeth that’s chipped. It works like a false nail on a fingernail. 

The last option–root canal therapy–is required if the break exposes the tooth pulp. Bacteria may enter an exposed pulp causing damage not only to the exposed teeth but also to the overall oral health.

5. Dental fillings save you from pain

Not all tooth decay is painful.

But it can be if you’re more concerned about tooth filling cost than saving your choppers from further damage.

The journal article “Tooth Decay Is the Most Prevalent Disease” explains how unmet dental needs is a problem:

“…bacteria colonize the mouth and with the formation of plaques, adhere to the teeth. The…bacteria break down sugars and produce lactic acids, which cause tooth decay—a process of demineralization, or loss of calcium phosphate, from the tooth structure.”

The loss of calcium then leads to the softening of the tooth structure, which leads to cavities.

The bigger the cavities, the higher chance of small particles of food getting trapped in the cavities of your teeth.

When trapped food touches the pulp, you might have to call on all the gods you know to save you from pain.

But it’s more than just a trapped food particle.

An untreated decay can expose the tooth nerves, which makes our teeth extra sensitive. Hence, when anything hot or cold (even the wind) touches the damaged tooth, you’ll feel that sharp pain, which compels you to regret your very existence.

If, however, you avail of dental fillings early, you don’t have to suffer from sensitive teeth, which makes you regret the day you were born.

6. Dental fillings let you enjoy food

In connection to the previous point, treated cavities will save your teeth from further damage, which leads to tooth sensitivity.

And a sensitive tooth is no friends with hot chicken noodle soup nor chocolate ice cream.

That is just sad.

7. Dental fillings promote overall healthy mouth

Lastly, dental fillings improve your overall oral health.

As mentioned several times in this article, an untreated tooth cavity harms not just the damaged tooth, but the neighboring ones as well.

The bacteria causing the tooth decay will spread to the adjacent choppers, damage them, and cause infection.

The gums are also at risk of infection, which leads to periodontal diseases such as gingivitis. If not dealt with early on, the infection can also affect the jawbone.

Imagine the cost of refusing to have tooth filling from the outset!

What we’re trying to say is…

We agree that dental fillings can cost a lot. Imagine all the pizzas you can buy with that amount!

But the tooth filling cost is nothing in comparison to the confidence, convenience, and oral health you will get in return.

So put on your big boy/girl pants and contact your nearest Medicaid dentist in Texas (or any dentist you trust), and have your cavities cleaned and filled.

You’ll be smiling a whole lot after.