Dentists are healthcare professionals dedicated to making your smile a healthy, lasting one. If there’s a list of dates you should be excited about, dental check-ups deserve to be one of your favorites. From dental cosmetics to gum restoration, dental professionals can tackle and offer solutions to your various oral troubles. 

Keep reading to learn more about the life-changing benefits of dental visits. 

Dentists are friends you can trust

Dentists see right through you. Like, literally. They know about your eating habits before you even narrate them. They know whether you love brushing your teeth or if you missed flossing this morning. We’re effortless at listening and understanding your concerns (yes, we are.) They’re happy when you visit at least twice a year and elated when you visit more. Even if you do a surprise visit, they will welcome you to our fragrantly clean dental clinic. 

Resembling a true friend, a dentist would tell you what you need to hear exactly when you need it. You’ll know it when you have tooth decay or an emerging cavity that needs to be prevented. More importantly, dentists are committed to helping you solve your dental problems. It’s like having a walking encyclopedia of dental techniques to improve your oral hygiene. Whether you’re a kid on his first visit or an adult losing your confidence because of broken teeth, there’s always a perfect dentist who you treat just like a true friend. 

It can only get better

Dental anxieties are common. People dread, delay and skip dental appointments because of various reasons. For some, the tiny scale used for teeth cleaning feels like torture. For others, dental check-ups remind them of their first time sitting in the dental chair. You’re not alone. In fact, an estimated 40 million Americans would rather cancel a dental visit than sit face to face with their dental anxieties. But, letting your fear rule over you can cause serious oral problems in the long run. 

Well, here’s a secret: it’s possible to overcome the stressors of regular dental visits. Honest communication with your dentist is the first step. Find a dentist in Austin or Wichita Fall you’re comfortable with and establish trust with him or her. Feel free to express your concerns and needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If possible, use hand signals when you feel uncomfortable in the middle of a dental procedure. When you have a good grasp of what’s to come, you will be more confident and less anxious. 

Cleaner and Whiter Teeth

Clean, polished teeth glisten healthily. Thus, regular dental check-ups can bring out your most brilliant smile. We recommend having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist at least twice a year. If you have an existing dental condition or if you wear braces, dental visits should be more often. Even if you brush regularly, there’s nothing like having a professional cleaning. Every time a dentist cleans your teeth, you get rid of common causes of teeth discoloration such as stains and tartar build-up. 

If you’re not satisfied with the cleaning, you can opt for a whitening plan to remove teeth discoloration more visibly. The results can take up to three weeks to show if you prefer a do-it-yourself take-home kit. You can also choose to have the treatment in the dental clinic for a supervised procedure. Most dental clinics offer discounts for their regular patients. If you’re consistent in your dental visits, you can save a lot of dental expenses in the long run. 

Because bad breath is not cool

Bad Breath

You are a wonderful person with a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem – your breath stinks. It’s an uncomfortable oral condition that robs you of confidence and genuine smile. Medically known as halitosis, bad breath is more than eating raw onions and garlic. Most of the time, bad breath is caused by oral bacteria caused by food leftovers. It can be a result of poor oral hygiene such as not brushing and flossing daily. Regardless of the cause, a dental visit can provide necessary advice and solutions. 

The goal is to have a fresh breath by ruling out dental problems. Usually, meal-related bad breath can be solved by chewable mints and over-the-counter sprays. Chronic bad breath, however, is another serious story. Professional dentists can help you figure out why you’re breath smells foul. They can detect if you have tooth decay, gum disease, or a gland problem. If the latter is the case, you will immediately be referred to a specialist. 

Crooked teeth no more

There’s more reason to love dental visits when you have crooked or uneven teeth. In this case, orthodontic treatments would be your best option. First, the orthodontist will examine your teeth, bite and bone structure. You can then choose between traditional metal braces or the innovative Invisalign. Clear aligners are best for adults who want to get straighter teeth without the metal braces. Braces can last up to three years (or longer) depending on your unique case. 

Cosmetic dentistry is another solution for chipped and broken teeth. If you are struggling to accept your teeth because it doesn’t look so good, this procedure is perfect for you. Ask your dentist for options like custom-fit veneers, crowns or cosmetic inlays and onlays. With technological advances in dentistry, your dental visit will surely help you achieve an attractive and natural-looking healthy smile.  

Totally healthy mouth

Lastly, the great benefit of regular dental visits is a totally healthy mouth. A necessary staple to self-improvement, it’s a great asset to succeed in your career, in your relationships and in life in general. This is why oral hygiene deserves the best care possible. The key is to treat it like a necessity rather than a luxury. You are important and so does your oral hygiene. 

How frequently should you schedule a dentist appointment with your Austin Dentist?

For toddlers

Kids Dentist

Nothing beats starting young when forming healthy habits be it dental appointments or pediatric check-ups. Introduce your child to your trusted dentist as soon as the first tooth came out. Normally, it’s in between 10 to 24 months. Then, the visit should be regular every 6 months to prevent dental decay at an early age. 

For adults

Adults should visit the dentists as often as any toddler should. Twice a year is ideal or as recommended by your dentist.  In case you feel pained when you chew or you bite, it’s best to consult a dentist right away as it may be an early sign of emerging cavities. The same goes for discolored, chipped, and broken teeth. Dentists can help detect dental problems before they worsen.  Schedule an appointment with your dentists as soon as you feel that something is off with your mouth, breath, teeth or gums. 

While it’s easier to self-medicate, denying yourself the service of dental professionals can lead to serious oral problems. With a skilled professional dentist by your side, you can ensure to put your best smile forward without any complications. Knowing the benefits of dental visits may help you appreciate your dental health more. So, next time you look at the mirror, hold in high regard the consistency and dental investment you provided to achieve that beautiful smile.