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Dental Care for Every Member of Your Austin Family

At Access Dental, we are dedicated to helping Austin families keep their smiles whole and healthy for life. Our team offers dental care for patients at every age and stage of dental development. From the eruption of your first tooth, we’re here to offer a wide range of dentistry services, and as your dental health care partner, we’ll work with you one on one to create a personalized dental care plan that meets your unique needs, budget, and lifestyle. We have four convenient Austin dental office locations. You can find us on Rundberg Lane, William Cannon Drive, E 7th Street, and Ed Bluestein. Please call to find out more or schedule an appointment with our team.

Children’s Dentistry

Many parents still believe that children’s primary teeth are not important, but keeping kids’ baby teeth whole and healthy is the best way to ensure the health of their developing adult teeth. Even before your child’s first tooth erupts, you should gently clean the gums following any meals apart from breast milk. At around 6 months is a good time to make a 1st dental visit for your child. Once teeth begin to erupt, you’ll need to begin brushing, and as soon as there are two teeth that touch, it’s time to floss. As kids get older, our Austin dentist and team will partner with you to help your children learn to brush and floss independently. Around the age of 11, or earlier in some cases, we will evaluate your child for orthodontic alignment and wisdom tooth concerns. We can provide braces and wisdom tooth extraction as necessary.

Dental Care for Adults

Once you have a fully developed smile, your dental care plan should focus on prevention. By visiting our team twice a year for checkups and teeth cleanings, we’re able to partner with you to prevent the majority of oral health concerns. What dental health issues can’t be prevented are diagnosed and treated in the earliest possible stages.

Expect the Unexpected When You’re Expecting

Expectant mothers experience gum disease so often it has its own name, pregnancy gingivitis. This is treatable as long as we know about the issues in the early stages, but left untreated, pregnancy gingivitis can lead to preterm or low weight births. It’s important you receive regular oral health screenings during your pregnancy and contact our team right away if you notice bleeding or discolored gum tissue. You may also develop one or more pregnancy tumors on your gums. This name sounds menacing, but the condition is completely benign. Most patients don’t experience any adverse effects at all, and following delivery, the tumors typically clear up independently.

Dentistry for Seniors

As we age, many things change about our oral and overall health. During your regular dental appointments after the age of 55, our team will take special care to look for common oral health concerns that affect senior patients. Dry mouth is a common oral health condition among seniors, and without adequate saliva production, patients are at greater risk for oral health concerns including gum disease and tooth decay. Diminished jawbone density and gum tissue volume also leads to greater risk of tooth loss. With proper preventive care, we can help patients keep their smiles whole for life.