When is the Right Time to Get Dentures and What Are My Options?
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When is the Right Time to Get Dentures and What Are My Options?

The fact is, a great number of us eventually will require dentures, but many people aren’t sure of when they’re necessary and what their options will be when the day comes. There are quite a few signs that it might be time to discuss the need for dentures with your Austin dentist. Let’s look at some of those signs as well as what your next step might be if you do need dentures.

What to Look For

Dentures often become necessary when teeth are significantly damaged. Such damage might be a product of injury or extensive wear and tear, and it can include tooth loss. 

Significant gum inflammation or bleeding can also be a sign. So, too, can oral pain. Severe or ongoing pain might be an indication of trouble that can’t be resolved with simpler methods such as fillings. Additionally, if you find yourself having trouble chewing, that can be a sign as well.

Your Options in Austin and Elsewhere

Once you’ve discovered your need for dentures, there are multiple options to consider, and the best choice is case-dependent. You’ll have a say in what your dentures will look like, and your dentist can help you decide which option is the best one for you.

Removable dentures are one very common choice. They are held in place by a dental adhesive or via suction. They’re most typically worn only while awake and should be cleaned regularly with a soft-bristled brush and soapy water. Rinsing after meals is also advisable.

Removable dentures likely will need occasional adjustment or repair and will require replacement in the future. The time frame for replacement is dependent on factors such as the degree of wear and tear involved.

A second option is fixed dentures. Fixed dentures demand a greater initial investment, but they could end up being less expensive in the long run, as follow-up work is generally less extensive. Fixed dentures are secured by a set of dental implants. The adjustment is easier, and they often feel more natural to the patient than removable dentures. They do require several weeks to heal. Only healthy patients with strong jawbones are candidates for this option because of the implants’ need for a solid foundation.

If an individual still has some healthy natural teeth, they might instead choose to see their Austin dentist for the acquisition of partial dentures. These are used to replace multiple teeth, and they fit around those teeth still in good working order.

For those with an immediate need, temporary dentures can be acquired, but they usually need many adjustments because of the fact they’re inserted before the jaw adjusts after tooth extraction.

At the End of the Day

All of these denture options will require some maintenance and involve a period of adjustment, but in time, they will become a normal part of your everyday life in Austin.

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