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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with Your Austin Dentist

The human resources field is not the most glamorous profession, but it is very important. In 1995, a group of dedicated human resources professionals decided appreciation was the key to helping keep employees happy and companies thriving. Bob Nelson and fellow members of the Recognition Professional International board decided there should be a day to celebrate and thank employees. Bosses already had a day, and now, it was time to show employees that they were valued. The group decided the first Friday in March would be celebrated in the US as Employee Appreciate Day. Since its inception in the US, Canada has started celebrating with us, and more and more nations around the globe have now adopted this holiday. This year, Employee Appreciation Day will be celebrated on March 2nd, and we hope you’ll join the Access Dental team in recognizing the work of your employees.

Thank You to All of Our Employees

We try to say thank you to our employees every day, but it never hurts to set aside a special time to remember how important the members of our team are. Thank you! To every member of the Access Dental team. Thank you! To our patients who work hard every day and thank you to those employees and employers in our Austin community for all that you do to make this a great place to live and work.

If you’re not already planning to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, consider doing a little something special for your employees. All year round, you can do small things to show employees you appreciate them, including:

  • Thank you notes matter. Letter and note writing may be a lost art but taking the time to write a note to say thanks will tell your employees you care.
  • Get caught bragging. Purposely allow an employee to overhear you bragging about them. Better yet, say what good work they’ve done right in front of them.
  • Encourage employees to achieve goals. Support your employees to maximize their skills and reward them for helping others do the same.

Have the Day Off? Visit Access Dental for Your Biannual Exam!

Do you have Employee Appreciate Day off? Take advantage of your free time and come celebrate with the Access Dental team. Schedule your biannual exam in our Austin dental office this Employee Appreciation Day. We have four convenient office locations on Rundberg Lane, William Cannon Drive, East 7th Street, and Ed Bluestein. Call to find out more about our services or schedule an appointment with us today.