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Austin Dentistry Services for Patients with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

At Access Dental, we are dedicated to helping patients of all ages and stages of development receive the dentistry services they need in complete safety, relaxation, and comfort. This includes those patients with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD). We offer a variety of treatment options to provide exceptional dental care for patients with IDD. If you or a member of your family need specialty care for IDD, please let a member of our Austin dental team know. We’ll be happy to help you, and we work hard to provide necessary accommodations that ensure comfort for all of our patients.

Safe Dental Care

The most important aspect of caring for our IDD patients is safety. We will want to discuss any health concerns that may adversely impact the patient during dental care. Our team is happy to partner with patients’ physicians to ensure the safety and efficacy of their treatment plans. We can accommodate patients’ unique needs in most cases, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. We’ll do our best to meet your request.

Sedation for Comfort & Stress Free Treatment

For some IDD patients, sedation dentistry is the best option. We have a team of anesthesiologists available to provide a wide range of sedation options to keep IDD patients comfortable. From the mildest nitrous oxide “laughing gas” sedation to complete general anesthesia, we can help patients stay relaxed throughout the most complex dentistry services. Because we have medical anesthesiologists in the office, patients are completely safe during treatment, and we have professionals on hand to deliver life support services as necessary.

Services from Access Dental

We work with patients to achieve all of their oral health care goals in complete comfort. Our experienced dentists and team members offer the following services for IDD patients:

  • We listen, answer questions, and provide accommodations as necessary
  • We advocate for patients to ensure they receive the care they need
  • Refer patients to community services as necessary
  • Assist patients in crises
  • Complete assessments to ensure we offer the best services
  • Authorize resources based on assessment and personalized treatment plans

If you’re looking for an Austin area dental office that promises safe, comfortable care for IDD patients, look no further. Access Dental welcomes you to contact us in one of our four office locations on Rundberg Lane, William Cannon Drive, East 7th Street, and Ed Bluestein. We look forward to helping you achieve your healthiest smile.