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Don’t Forget Your Vitamins, Vegetables, or Anti-Cavity Pills?

Advances in technology make it possible for us to push a few buttons on our cell phones and get the weather, traffic, news, and driving directions to the nearest grocery store. Less than two decades ago, this would have sounded a little like magic. The speed of technological innovation and advancement over the past several decades has been amazing, but it’s still possible for innovative and surprising advances to come from some of the most unlikely places. For instance, what if you could take a daily probiotic supplement and never have to worry about getting a cavity? Researchers at the University of Florida say this treatment may be available very soon.

Bacteria VS Super Bacteria

Oral bacteria are essential to healthy digestive function. However, they also produce a sticky, acidic biofilm called plaque. When plaque is allowed to buildup on teeth, it can soften tooth enamel and irritate gum tissue, leading to the two most common oral health conditions – tooth decay (cavities) and periodontal (gum) disease. Researchers from the University of Florida discovered that there is a specific strain of super bacteria that offers two advantages compared with other oral bacteria. First, it produces less acidic plaques, and second, it can actually kill off the decay-causing strains of oral bacteria.

Developing an Anti-Cavity Pill

Researchers are hoping to take these super bacteria and create a probiotic supplement that will introduce large numbers of the super strain of bacteria into the digestive system. The goal is to kill off the bacteria that cause oral health concerns and replace them with oral bacteria that are less likely to cause tooth decay. When this anti-cavity pill is available, it may be the greatest innovation the field of dentistry has seen in decades.

Though research is gaining ground to develop this pill to the public, it is still in the stages of development. So for now, knowledge and preventative care is still the best alternative to healthy smiles.

Trust Access Dental with Your Preventive Dentistry Needs

At Access Dental, we don’t have an anti-cavity pill yet, but we do offer the next best thing, preventive dentistry services. During regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings, we can partner with patients to help them avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other common oral health concerns. If we’re unable to prevent these concerns, we will diagnose them and begin treatment in the earliest stages to preserve the maximum amount of tooth structure. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental appointment, call our Austin dental team to schedule your checkup and cleaning today. We have four convenient Austin dentistry offices. You can find us on Rundberg Lane, William Cannon Drive, East 7th Street, and Ed Bluestein, so your healthy, happy smile is always just around the corner.